Monday, November 7, 2011

Another Day....

Another meeting. Things went well Saturday. But sometimes, the 'free' time after the meetings is more fun and productive than the meeting itself. We're going to discuss marketing issues - like the book trailers - at our next meeting. 

I'm following more and more blogs and trying to keep up, at the same time, with writing. I didn't get any done today, but I did get some editing done on Chapter Thirty yesterday.

The weather has been incredible here. We've had no sun for almost the entire summer and now it blazes down. Well, not quite blazes as the temps are falling. But seeing the sun gives me such a sense of well-being. As does a nicely written chapter.

I spent two and half hours, the other night, critiquing an MS for Saturday's meeting. The writer has previously chided me for sending in too many chapters and too many words. I took his admonishment to heart and only send two chapters (around ten to twelve pages, double-spaced).

The one he sent for this month's was only one chapter, but twenty-five single-spaced pages and the word count was over twelve thousand words. I had to giggle. Such is life. I critiqued it anyhow. It was good. He's a darn good sci-fi writer. I got a very nice email back from him thanking me for the thoroughness of it. That was unexpected, but nice. You see, this group has been split into two and so I am not actually in his group. My own group can't seem to get their act together to send in their MS's. I'm not sure why. I send mine the day I'm allowed! *giggles*

Life is interesting!

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