Monday, November 28, 2011

New Thoughts In The Middle Of The Night

I finished the paperwork, so tomorrow I'll work on 'Blue.' My editor wrote and said she'll have the giraffe tale back to me by the end of the week.Whoo hoo!

We're going to talk tomorrow about the 'Blue' critique that I received a couple weeks ago. I've been hesitant to share it. There is so much that was suggested change-wise. I am looking forward to her input on this.

I slept terribly last night - but a whole truckload of thoughts came to me whilst I tossed and turned. Kaspar has some sort of power emanating from his hands, but he hasn't told me what yet. Driving me mad. Once he tells me, I need to go to somewhere around Chapter Three and incorporate that power into the book. Should be interesting.

I have discovered that I am now treating my writing the way I treat my paperwork. Procrastinating! That is not a good thing.
I'm going to run off now and write a wee bit of fun and fluff. That should put the spring/zing/thing back into my writing.

Life is forging onward.

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