Saturday, November 26, 2011

Couple of Thoughts

I watch the SCBWI blog and found a link there. There are eleven interviews on the page with editors, publishers, writers -- all telling of their part of the process. It's pretty interesting.

I had hoped to spend today writing 'Blue,' but that didn't happen. It wasn't because of the lovely weather (bestest day of November EVER). It was because I woke up sick. I don't write well when I'm sick. In fact, the thought of writing makes me sicker. Which really stinks.
Instead, I did bills. I hate doing bills. I think paperwork is the bain of society. My dining room table sometimes looks like a paper recycling bin. I had to clean it off so we could eat Thanksgiving dinner on it. Which meant that the papers were all shoved into one pile and dropped on the bed in my computer room. 

The end of the year is coming... which means I should be getting things ready for tax season and such. So - since everything was in a nice pile, I decided to work on that today, knowing full well I wouldn't go anywhere near 'Blue.' Nor the giraffes, for that matter. *Though I did email the latest revision to my editor for 'Sorrysorrysorry.'*

I feel better. I worked all day on it. I've got a spreadsheet that I take into the tax preparer. Unfortunately, I hadn't updated it since February!!! I still have a good four hours or so more work, but it will be done, now that it's been started.

I look at this as another part of the discipline I'll need when I become published. I'll have to really keep the spreadsheet up-to-date. Make sure I put all receipts in an envelope (I'll been doing that for awhile now.) And filing everything! 

My mind boggles at the things that will be impacted once I'm published. I try not to think about it too often!

I do have a contract lawyer, when the time comes. So that's one thing down. Got the spreadsheet ready. That's two. Hmm - probably should start a list. These will be important, but much more important is finishing the book!!! *giggles* It will be done!

Life is mind-boggling.


  1. That's how it's been going with my writing, too. Today I got swept up in us moving. You're not alone in your stacks of papers...
    But sorting through feels good. And, I found a story idea I'd forgotten about.
    I hope you feel better (and get published) soon!

  2. Thanks for the well wishes! I definitely plan on being published. You will, too! (remember - I get one of the first autographed copies)