Thursday, November 3, 2011

Investing In Myself

I learned a long time ago that to succeed I must invest in myself. Classes and workshops and conferences and such. Both time AND money. 

Today I joined my third writers' group. They are all different. Each group meets once a month. Thankfully, on different days!

My first is a critique group. That's about all we do. It can be difficult 'cause getting my own stuff critiqued sometimes can take too many months. But the people are good-hearted and their writing is good, too. Most critiques are really valuable.

My second is what I lovingly call my 'AA writers group.' We sit and complain and laugh and cry and really share what this writing experience is like. From horror tales of hideous critiques to creating cover letters that zing (yeah right!) to sharing rejection letters. Great group!

The third one I just joined tonight. It's dedicated to childrens' writers. Nice group. They choose a 'craft' book at the end of the year and then spend the next year going through it. Learning from it and sharing what their take on it is. The craft of writing. I think it will be good for me.

Life is a learning experience.

PS - Finished Chapter Thirty! Whoo hoo!

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