Friday, November 4, 2011

Hard To Write

When the family is all sick. I spent the day making tea and finding kleenex and making soup. 

I had hoped to get to the library and print out the last couple of chapters... from the Midpoint on. But such is life. I will hope the Muse had a pleasant day and will be ready for a lot of work this week-end.

Tomorrow afternoon, I have my writers' sharing meeting. Should be fun. It seems like much more than a month since we've been together. But I'm sure that's because we usually meet 'in-between' meetings. That didn't happen this month. Lots of things to share!

At the meeting last night, one of the members said she had written a chapter of her latest book and then reread it to find a place where she could add zing. 

So today - I'm doing things for the sickies and thinking about the dragon scene in 'Blue,' when I knew that it could be MORE.... So I've decided to have one of the dragonlings be Sir Giddly's. Should add some fun and some pathos to the book.

Life is fun!

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