Sunday, November 20, 2011


I'm not sure if surprises are a good thing, when it comes to writing. Though I do relish the feel of the Muse as she swirls inside my brain. The joy of her ideas is such fun.

Yet - I'm in the midst of all this and wondering -- do I really know my characters the way I should know them - at least by this time in the tale? 

I 'm in the midst of reading a book on writing. It's good. You know, there must be tens of thousands of books written on how to write. *g*

Well, this book suggests the following: 1) write a one sentence synopsis of the story. 2) write a one paragraph synopsis (probably like an elevator pitch). 3) write a one page synopsis of the story.

I think this is a great idea. I have been confident in knowing where I am going with 'Blue,' but I'm also wondering, for the zing effect, if it's time to delve deeper into my characters. Into the plot. Into the theme. I am going to start on that tomorrow. I've already got my one sentence synopsis and my elevator pitch. Now, onto the one page synopsis. Wish me luck!

Not going to go back for editing, just yet, though. Gonna finish the tale and then start a fresh edit.

Life is order. And discipline.


  1. There is such a thing as over-editing, so I think you are wise to finish your tale before you edit any more. Sometimes editing is affected by knowing where it's all leading, and if you haven't finished yet, you don't know that like you should.

    I am praying for some down time this week so I can actually write; I have so many things I want to get to in my writing, it's not funny. It has been much too busy so far to even consider it!

    Hope you are feeling better and better! Some order and discipline could come in handy right about now....

  2. Sorry, I think that last comment of mine got out of order in the process of posting. The wish for order and discipline is for my benefit, the wishes that you are feeling better is for yours! <3

  3. Bless you!

    As for over-editing, it's a curse, isn't it?

    The changes are not huge - that's nice. They are in addition. Which means the tale will grow exponentially. And I think it only right. I'm awfully glad I've been keen to keep the word count down so far. Once I start filling in the description and such, it will be mammoth.

    And the time, of course, will come for the pairing down again. *shakes head* Life is interesting!

    I do so hope you get to do some writing!