Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Bit of Whine

I went through the critiques I received on Saturday. I like to give myself a day or two to breathe after the morning session. 

There were five members present in my group Saturday. Two others had to bow out due to life issues. There were six in the second group. 

I received three critiques from my group. Thankfully, two of the folk in the second group gave me critiques they had done. So I had a total of five critiques. 

I was very careful to submit only two chapters with the total word count around 2,000. That way, I figured the members wouldn't be overwhelmed.

One of my private peeves about the group. Not everyone critiques. And yet, that is part of the agreement when you join the group. 

I find I am frustrated beyond measure when I present a couple chapters and receive only five critiques when there are eleven members present.

Perhaps I don't want to receive more. Perhaps it's just as well that I carry on blindly.

Today was one of those days when I considered quitting writing for publishing. I am going back to writing a bit of fluff until after Thanksgiving. I think I need the break. 

Yet, who will tell the Muse? *g*

Life is not a bowl of cherries. Or perhaps the cherries have pits.


  1. You don't want 11 critiques. Have you ever heard the joke about why camels look like they do...they were created by a committee. You have a couple of really insightful and sounds like thorough critiques. What would you need from six more than you don't already hold in your hand?

    Take your break. Let the words you heard soak in and absorb so that when you return, you feel inspired to take the direction you know you are being pointed to. The one in your heart you know is right.

    As the Borg say, "Resistance is futile!"

  2. You are a hoot! I'm so glad we're friends, Minnie. Are you saying I'm a camel??? I'd believe it, except for the knees. Mine are knobbly. More like giraffes. *g*

    Ah - resistance to the Muse. You are correct, as always. I love your insights. Keep them coming.

    I tried to take a break but the Muse had other ideas. See today's posting!

    Bless you!