Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Taking A Breath

Literally and figuratively. Not a break, per se, just a quick breath.

When critiques are done at one of my writers' group, we each give a hard copy of the MS and the notes - hopefully scribbled all over the thing. I usually read those as soon as I get home and then sulk. LOL Not really. Most times, there is great feedback. Sometimes, I wonder if the person even read the thing. Especially when they write, when did this happen, and you know you just wrote it in the previous chapter. Comments like this, though, are to be taken literally. Does it mean I didn't make it clear enough? Does it mean I need to 'add' more detail or more tension or more whipped cream? *g* 

As said previously, I've been going through paperwork. I found last month's notes. Had about six people give me their feedback. I re-read them. 

The comments were even better now than when first read. I try to read the comments immediately as I'm afraid I'll forget what was said during the meeting, but I think this is a good idea. From now on, I'll read them right after -- but then I'll wait a few weeks or even a month, and then re-read them.

I find I can assimilate better what is being said when I've had time to 'cool off.' There were good suggestions and I will use them.

Life is sharing.


  1. Me, too! When I entered my first completed manuscript in a competition, I was devastated by the criticism, but then I realized how good it was. Took it to heart, and did a rewrite making the MS 100x better.

  2. Really - if you can let your story go.

    It does make it better - if you've got a good critiquer. If not -- you are in trouble.