Friday, September 30, 2011

Seems Like...

It seems like all I do is edit. But that's not quite true. 

Today I wrote more of the Midpoint section of 'Blue.' It's turning out well. The subject matter is controversial. I don't want the message diluted. Yet, I have to be aware of my readers and their age. 

I think it will work. 

The group I quite last week has decided to go back to the smaller group critiques. There will be two groups, so that means critiquing will be done every other month for each member.

They sent me the listing of who presents next month and the month after. They put me down for the month after.

Now - the quandary. But no, there is no quandary. I'll swallow my pride and go. Wasn't the reason I quite because I wanted to present more often? Isn't that what will now happen? 

I hate swallowing my pride, but I want this book critiqued. Period.

Life is growing.


  1. It could easily have been your quitting that made the group decide to go back to the other, better way of having smaller groups. They obviously want you to continue to participate, so I don't think it will take too much swallowing to get that pride down. ;-)

    I'm involved in an online group where we encourage each other in our writing of works in progress, which includes polls about what we manage each day as far as our writing goes. Editing is considered just as important as actually producing a word count, because it's part of the process of making the story presentable to the reader. So even though editing can be less exciting than writing the plot, you can't have your story without it! Hopefully that will encourage you a bit on those days when it seems that's all you are doing.

  2. You have the right to change your mind, particularly since they have changed. Glad it's becoming more of what you need.

  3. It could have been. As I said before, we did promise to meet and present and that was the deciding factor as to whether or not the groups would stay small.

    Great critiquing is worth a wee swallow!

    I've grown accustomed to, and even appreciate editing. If I don't whine while i do it, I learn more about my characters. Surprise, surprise!

  4. So am I, Judy. I really hated to give it up, but I just don't have the patience to wait a year to have eight chapters critiqued. Very glad they changed. I hope it lasts.