Friday, September 2, 2011

Found One Thing; Finished Another

Been a productive day today. Ready to fall into bed, but feeling quite pleased with myself. 

The one book I was looking for, I think, is one by Elizabeth Marie Pope. It's called 'The Sherwood Ring' and was published in 1958. The cover does not look like the cover I remember. I swore there was an old mansion on it and a gold sticker award symbol. Not on the one I found via Google.

I've got to find a copy and re-read it. There are three ghosts. I only remember one. The most charismatic. Peaceable Drummund Sherwood. Now isn't that a pip of a name for a character!

As a writer, I had to chuckle. Dear Elizabeth probably loved all her characters, but the only one I remember was the dashing spy-ghost and the heroine. But I remember them to this day. Quite an accomplishment for an author, if I do say so myself. I'd be very pleased to have one of my tales remembered for such a long time.

I had put aside the giraffe story for I was floundering in a morass of poetry and couldn't quite figure out what needed help. I picked the story up a couple days ago and began piecing it together with new stuff (rhymes). I finished it today. I think *fingers crossed* it is perfect. 

I'm going to give it to my editor and see what she thinks. Then I'll send it out again. 

Life is fulfilling.


  1. Right back at you! You know I have your back, dear friend.