Thursday, September 22, 2011


Is there such a thing? 

The little one came over and decided to draw today. She just took out a large sheet of paper and her pencils and began free drawing a pastoral scene. No qualms. 

I looked at the blank page and got cold chills. I am not free enough to tackle such a thing. I find a blank sheet of drawing paper causes naught but fear, dread. 

I know it must have something to do with teachers/parents expectations when I was a child. Thankfully, I don't remember why I have such horror of a blank sheet. 

I do not have such qualms with my blank sheet of yellow trusty-rusty ruled paper. I see it and I start to write. It's as easy as that. 

I think we are all held back or thrust forward by our pasts. If we can overcome the fear or the stigma of not being 'up to par' we could be great. I'm thankful no one chided me about my writing. Probably because i started so late in life.

I started out about ten years ago with a group that was generosity and tenderness personified. No matter what I wrote, they applauded it. Full unconditional love and acceptance. The only way to start growing someone in any way. 
I'm so grateful for these people. I can't wait till I can put their names on my 'dedicated to' page!

Life is joy.


  1. It might be a talent thing. I don't like that blank piece of drawing paper either, and I've little talent for it. But give me a blank piece of paper and a pen, and I'm scribbling ideas. Hmmm... I'm feeling a bit "blocked" today, maybe I need to pull out paper and pen and stop worry about typing... Thanks ((Sharron)) That helped!

  2. Well, the little one did inspire me. I drew a picture of the collar that the hero gets. I've also drawn a map, needless to say, of the lay of the land. But I don't like doing it. Too many hangups.

    I do find that using different mediums in writing helps keep it fresh.