Saturday, September 17, 2011


Been sick with a nasty infection. The infection was cleared up in about three weeks with a double dose of antibiotics. But the pain lingers. I truly thought I was going to lose it the other night, but the prayers of friends surely saved me. It is still painful, but not the 10 it was and definitely not as frequently as the attacks were.

The thought of writing brought a different sort of pain. I hate it when I can't write due to my not listening to the Muse. I hate it even more when I can't write due to external things. My little one holds my hand when I hiss as the pain engulfs me.

Met with a friend today and had a great time chatting, but had to leave early as the pain began, it usually starts around 3pm or so. I don't know why.

We always talk about writing and what it means to us and it always gives me such a boost. To know others are dedicated. Whether they write or not. There is a difference. 

It sounds like she is finally going to start another writers' group, with critiquing involved. I was ecstatic to hear this. I value her opinions and such and look forward to participating. She knows I'm behind her 100%. 

I'm going to start working on the 'blueprint' for 'Blue.' Now, isn't that hysterical! I wrote before that it was a 'floor plan,' but in actuality, it is truly a blueprint. I've got tons of ideas of where the story is going and how it ends, but I do truly need to put it on paper. My husband was an engineer and would bring home blueprints of buildings he worked on to show the kids how they were made and such. So I have a good working knowledge of what a blueprint should be. They are extensive. They are detailed. They are neat. So - I've got to spend some serious time with this. Especially since I think 'Blue' might very well be a series book. We'll see.

Life is painful.


  1. Working on the blueprint is a good choice when not feeling well. I've noticed that letting my mind wander through possibilities is a good alternative when I'm distracted by things beyond my control.

  2. *grins* Are things ever under our control!

  3. Not being able to write due to external things is really discouraging. It makes one feel like life is truly out of control.

    Sorry you're still having pain -- I pray that pain will leave you soon and not return!

  4. Prayers are being answered. Pain is finally subsiding to a bearable level. Thank you!