Monday, September 19, 2011


Going to a big event soon and have already sent off the first ten pages of 'Blue' to be critiqued. The critiquer is an author of YA and Upper Grade books. Her genre is crime, it seems. Since mine is fantasy, I'm hoping she'll look at it and enjoy it. Or not. It could be 180 degrees the other way. She could hate fantasy and hate reading it. Crap shoot.

But - the group is holding a 'cry in your beer' session after the critiques. I'm looking forward to that. It should help hearing others tales of woe and listening to the good and bad of what their critiquers say. Not sure if I'll be sharing mine, but I plan on listening with both ears.

Got another bit of the next chapter done. I'm at the Midpoint section and it must be spot on. I'm halfway through this latest chapter. I didn't have much time to write today. I did get to read some other folks stuff the last couple of days. I found it refreshing and fun. I do love to read.

Life is interesting.


  1. It takes a lot of courage to turn your baby over for a critique. I like the idea of the cry in your beer session, after, though I don't drink. Lemonade works well, too. :-)