Sunday, September 11, 2011


It's a little difficult to even think of writing today. 

My thoughts go back ten years and I am enveloped in sorrow, heartache, and pain. No fear though. I find that fascinating. I believe that day I was afraid. Mostly I was horrified that someone could be so evil to do such a thing.

I grew up with fairy tale endings. There was always a 'bad' person trying to keep the princess/prince from happiness. But they were always defeated in the end. The courage of the hero/heroine won out. 

Evil is still a concept I cannot fully fathom. I find it hard to write a villain. In 'Blue,' they are disembodied beings. Makes it easier to manipulate them. *sad smile* But my characters do have flaws. I can understand flaws. Ones that make you do something that you would swear you'd never do otherwise. I cannot judge people for their flaws when I have a few myself. 

I remember one quote, not sure where that states: it's not the running away from a battle that defines you, but what you do afterwards. Do you stop and return? Do you regret it and try harder the next time? Do you cower in a corner?

I'll stop now. I just want to say that life is such a gift. One to be held and cherished. I cherish my little one. I'm learning to cherish myself.

Life is love.

PS - I still see giraffes and take great pleasure in the sightings. 

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  1. ((Sharron)) One never forgets the face of evil after seeing it.