Sunday, September 18, 2011


I really have to write 'non-writing' more often. As soon as I posted yesterday, I started to write the next chapter of 'Blue.' Then I continued on and am almost finished with the chapter after that. 

I still haven't gotten to the blueprint stage. However.... I guess I've thought and mulled and lost night's sleep over the thing so much that the blueprint is in my mind, already set. Ready to go. 

The things that I thought would be troublesome turned out to fade as I began to type. The scenario is working much better than I thought. It feels right and proper and not 'odd.' This having two characters, juggling their thoughts and feelings, is tricky. But if I trust my gut and my Muse - I'll be ok. Got to remember that.

Gonna print out what I keyed in and take it off to some nice quiet restaurant, pull out the old trusty-rusty yellow pad and keep the story going. The Midpoint is going to be different. It came from an idea that just popped up, but it works perfectly into the tale and will make the ending easier to write, yet better, more climactic.

Life is listening to the Muse.

PS - I'm sure the fact that the pain is lessening exponentially helped me be able to have the wherewithal to write!

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  1. Yes, the pain reducing to more manageable levels makes a huge difference. I'm so happy for you! Have fun!