Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Feel Like The Cowardly Lion

I was giggling, sitting here looking at a blank screen, thinking about courage. It just pops up constantly. On other writers' blogs, in conversations with writer friends, as I go forward with 'Blue.'

You can't write, I don't think, without courage. Well, I don't think you can write well without it. Or at least truthfully without it. I know the next part of 'Blue' is going to get down into the very depths of my soul. 

I cannot write without bringing a part of me to the story and/or to my characters. Kathleen is not a 'Mary Sue' -- but she does have parts of me in her. It comes with writing from the soul, from using my life's experiences to hone a believable, vulnerable, likable character.

Thankfully, with the little one off to school in the mornings, I am able to come to terms with my past, use the things I've witnessed in the world, and write a knock-down, drag-out Midpoint for the book. I can't say I'm looking forward to it.

I will say this, I am whittling at it. I think things that are raw and deep that I use for my writing are best looked at it in very small chunks. Or even smaller tidbits. That makes it palatable, safe, perhaps, to tackle.

Life is taking a risk.

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  1. Not the Cowardly Lion at all. He had to have someone else show him he was courageous. You drew it out on your own. A safe life is boring. :-)