Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Dentist

I worked on 'The Dentist and the Whale' today. I have it in final draft form. I think. I'll send it out to my editor tomorrow. I'm getting tired now. We'll see what she thinks of it. I've not shared any of it with her and she didn't know I was writing another thing.

I also spent time on the giraffe story. I want to send it out to more publishing houses but I'd like to get the blasted phrase or two that just don't quite work for me - right. I'll send that off to my editor too. The only problem - she doesn't really 'do' poetry. 

As for story arc for 'Blue.' I've got that settled. The Midpoint is definitely going to be the Mid Winter Dance. The Climax will be the battle for Kathleen's castle.

With the little one in morning kindergarten, I plan on writing a lot. And reading more. I promise!

Life is full.

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