Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Joys Of Life

Posting, I think, has been really good for me. I started it to improve my discipline. I think it has.

Also, I've dropped out of a writers' group. For the time being. I found that I was using them as an excuse not to write on a frequent basis. The critiques used to be every other month. The group grew large and the critiques were spread out to every three months. Which meant I would be able to present only four times in a year. So I'd lallygag about and wait until it was close to time for presenting and then write like crazy. Stupid.

I find that authors who write books really need a critique group that does it more than four times a year. *grins*

It's very hard to present chapters of a book to a group who hasn't 'seen' it for three months. They lose where you're at and what your theme is and other really important aspects of the book. I know we can't rely upon our critiquers to 'babysit' a book. We are, after all, the be all and end all of it. As the saying goes, 'The buck stops here.' 

Which then begs the question: Why have your work critiqued at all? 

Insane not to. I get too close to my characters, to the plot, to the mazes that run through my tales to count on myself alone. And I read and re-read it a hundred times. Still, if you've ever proofed someone's work, they always 'miss' something. That's what a critique group is for - find the 'missing stuff.'

I really treasure the critiques I got. They were invaluable. But if I'm to continue writing, I've got to 'sit on me' and write. If I have to wait for the three months, I'll use it as an excuse for not writing.

I never said I was perfect.

Life is flawed. 

PS - The title of this posting is because I am overjoyed that I've got another chapter done and another one well started!

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  1. Whoohoo! Good for you for keeping up the writing!