Saturday, October 1, 2011


Honestly, meeting with friends without an agenda, just to share and laugh and support each other. Isn't that the way to live?

Met with my little WA (Writers Anonymous) group today. We call ourselves Writers Ink. Shared so much. Two of our members went to one conference while I went to another. So - we got two conference materials for the price of one. And then we got to share the wisdom with our fellow members. Not that we'd share it on the Internet or anything like that. The authors and contributors use these conferences and workshops as income and we would not take away their right to such income.

I liked the fact that the others' conference was more about the beginning stages of writing. It's always good to 'go over' the fundamentals. Punctuation and such are vital. 

I shared some of the statistics we learned and the message of perseverance. IMHO having friends to support us totally helps in keeping perseverance alive.

How often, in the past, I would wonder if I should continue. My friends urge me on. Conferences urge me onward.

The publishing world is a difficult one to break into. It almost seems impossible. But books are being printed every day.... and why shouldn't mine be one of them?

Keep it up. Keep writing. Find friends on the net or in the RW and listen to them. Read and make your own decisions. Trust the Muse. Trust your gut.

Life is full of wonder.

PS - as always, the Muse has different ideas than I do. I began to write the Midpoint last night, thinking it was only going to be one chapter. The muse quickly asserted it was going to be three. Just shoot me now! *g*

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