Sunday, October 16, 2011

Strange Days

Been an extremely odd few days. My life has changed drastically, but it will change back as of Tuesday.

I thought sure I'd be posting every day, but that hasn't happened. Did you notice? Shees!

I have, however, spent a good portion of time on 'Blue.' I've got a friend who's asked to read it and I've agreed. I'm taking it to her tomorrow. We'll see what happens.

I had the oddest thing happen. When she asked if she could read it, I got embarrassed. As if it's not good enough. I was extremely surprised by my reaction. I know I think 'Sword' is the better book - no matter what my editor says. But I do think 'Blue' is very good. Very good.

I've finished the next chapter. It's a rather controversial chapter. We'll see what happens. The next chapter, 27, is going to be the ending of my hero/heroine's life as she/he knows it. Definitely sending her off on a different tangent. Got my fingers crossed.

Life is full of tangents.

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