Tuesday, October 25, 2011

*Crossing Fingers*

As you know, at a recent SCBWI conference, I won a critique by a well-known fantasy author. My editor and I poured over the first ten pages (the subject of the critique) for 'Blue.' I finally sent it to the author on Sunday. With my heart in my throat. 

I got an email back from her stating that she was excited that it was me who won the raffle. I've corresponded with her on her blog and via emails. It was nice to know she 'recognized' me from that correspondence. 

Now - I sit and wait. It's only Tuesday night. How fast do I want her to call with the critique? Don't I want her to spend some quality time on it? My heart races every time I think on it. This critique will be the first that I have EVER received from a fantasy writer. 

I checked her schedule and discovered she's off and running on the never-ending speaker/autograph/reading run. She's going to be in California tomorrow. It looks like a heavy schedule. 

So - I can hope she's reading it on the plane, even as I write? Or something like that. 

Life is waiting.

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