Tuesday, October 18, 2011

At The Library

I do love libraries. Have loved them all my life. My first real job was as a clerk at the main library in town. It was great being with all those books. I read things I never would have, if not for the easy access.

I think another great thing is, when you find a great librarian. I've found a couple who are just awesome. They help me keep my courage up. They look for stats for me when I'm floundering. 

Another thing I've found... JK Rowlings publishers really know what they're doing. I've tried to find the first book of the HP series at two libraries now. Big ones. And all the copies are out. Now - this might not seem unusual - except for the fact that her books are all over the library. They're in children's and young adults and adults. It's incredible. That - numerous places to find a book - would be the ultimate, I think, in marketing.

I also tried to find Cinda Chima's newest book, book three of the Gray Wolf series. But that one's out at both libraries. It gives me such a glow to know and hope that something of mine will not be found at the library because it's so popular.

May your endeavors end up with similar results. Keep writing. Keep hoping. Most of all - keep the passion.

Life is passion.

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