Monday, October 17, 2011


I've spent the last two days writing - constantly. I can't believe that I've now got three and half chapters done. I can't seem to stop. Thankfully! I've got this personal deadline and am hoping to meet it. At this rate, however, I'll need a long vacation when I'm done.

Talk about burning the candle on both ends. I've got a short story I've been working on that I really want to get back to. Probably not publishable, but I've got friends who are waiting for the next chapter. It's been months. 

My son read 'Sorrysorrysorry' and suggested I delete the two problem lines in the fourth part and start over again. It's a very good idea. Trying to jerryrig the lines hasn't worked. Deleting them entirely makes good sense.

I haven't worked on the Dentist story for awhile. I plan on getting back to it, but the Muse is hot for 'Blue' so I've got to use what she gives me before she gets upset and leaves! That would be horrifying.

Life is shoulder-tightening.

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  1. Choosing to cut is a tough decision, but it opens the door to new possibilities.