Monday, October 10, 2011


Tonight I re-read the entire book, 'Blue,' so far. Thirty-two thousand words, give or take a dozen.

I think it's because I don't use an outline (you remember that failed attempt?). Reading the entire thing gives me continuity. I find little mistakes that would prove embarrassing. Like the one character is a grandfather and I had his granddaughter call him Father.... Fixed it. Things like, is it lunch time? And if it is, why is the sun going down? *giggles*
I think some would think it a waste of time, but I love it. 

First, it makes me realize that I am a good writer. I am astounded, as I read, that the thing flows well. That the little puzzle that is the story wends its way forward.

Second, I see the mistakes and can correct them. I know some authors trust others to catch their mistakes, but I like finding them. Usually, there's a reason for the mistake and I get to correct the mistake and thrust the story forward.

Third, I find things that are hints of things to come. Somehow, I remember them, when the time comes, and put them in. I don't know how this happens. It must be the Muse. It almost makes me cry in surprised joy. I don't 'naturally' plan things, but they happen anyhow and they are good and they move the story forward and they help develop the characters and they make the story fun and exciting.

I am amazed. 

Life is good.

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