Friday, October 21, 2011

Cold Play and Entitlement

Watched the Cold Play interview on the Today Show. Matt asked if the pressure for their next album was as great as prior albums, now that they are such a successful rock group. Chris Martin responded that their fans have the choice of where to put their money. So they never 'expect' people to buy their music. The band feels they have to work hard to give the fans a good product.  Paraphrased, of course. 

That brought to mind publishers, being as I am now actively in the process of sending out my MS. I suppose, once in awhile, I expect the publishers to read my stuff. It's what they did in the past. Yet, in today's economy, I am realizing that this is no longer true. To a degree. They talk about slush piles (the place where they pile unsolicited works). I have found they do read those slush piles. It takes them a long time as they have reduced their staffs. 

Am I entitled to be read? I suppose not. Am I entitled to be published? Only if the publisher thinks they can make money on my work. Is that wrong? No.

It's in my corner. Which is really where it should be. I must continue to hone my craft, to learn as much as I can, and to write as well as I can. That's my part of the process.

When I send it off, I can hope it will be read. I can hope that the Muse is correct in what she has bid me to write. And I can hope that I'll be published. I must do everything I can - on my end of this process - to make sure what I write is worthwhile. 

Life is gratitude.

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  1. It's tough turning that baby over to strangers, hoping they accept it. But you're right, all you can do is pour your heart into and hope it resonates with a publisher.