Tuesday, October 4, 2011


My mind meanders... I try to keep it in tow, but it's useless somedays.

I was watching the little one today, playing the piano at the local arts center. She said she was playing Beethoven. I rolled on the floor laughing - grateful she knows the great one's name, but I didn't recognize the piece. (Can't stop laughing. She is SO intense!)

I began to think of how practice is so important, for an instrument, a sport. 


In the past, I have pooh-poohed doing writing prompts. I like doing them, don't get me wrong, but I want to write, especially 'Blue.' Spending time on 'peripheral' stuff seems such a waste. Time is so very precious.

I think I have been missing the point. Writing prompts might be 'practice' for regular writing. 

I think I will do them more. 

Life is a lot of thinking.


  1. What are writing prompts?

    I have to admit that I find my blogs helpful in allowing me to explore writing about things I wouldn't tackle otherwise.

  2. When you open LJ and it says something like, 'if you ran into your long lost lover...' That's a writers' prompt. You can find them everywhere, but most times they are not labeled as such.

    Even watching the sunset is a writers' prompt. *g*

    This blog has been incredible for me in learning discipline.