Thursday, October 27, 2011

Center Of Gravity

When a child is growing, their center of gravity changes. Truly! When you're one height and one weight and then change in a matter of days/months, as little ones do, then the center of gravity changes. It takes awhile to get used to a new center of gravity. The body has to learn to walk differently. To bend lower. To squeeze through. That’s probably why toddlers stumble a lot. Clumsy kids are probably not clumsy, just dealing with a new center of gravity.

When I hurt myself or have a debilitating illness, my center of gravity changes because I do things differently to compensate. I KNOW I had a different center of gravity when I was pregnant!

So – does this mean that I, as an author, have a center of gravity, too? Perhaps there is an emotional center of gravity. Perhaps there is a spiritual center of gravity. When I struggle with a story I’m working on? When the character seems to have twisted herself into something totally NOT what I’d thought? Are these the results of center of gravity changes?

I think I’ll accept this and not be so hard on myself when I’m struggling. When the Muse seems to have flown to New Zealand for the year!

Life is challenging.


  1. I'm liking this perspective. I've pulled out one of my first contemporary manuscript to finish and prepare for submission, and my writing has changed a lot. It isn't entirely comfortable shifting from the old to the new, but I think it's work the effort.