Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Grief and Such

I went to a blog tonight that was mentioned in a friend's blog.

The writer was talking about rejections - which I always read about - and said that we must recognize that grief is part of the rejection process. I sometimes forget that grief is such a huge part of our lives. At least mine.

Every day, there is a moment of grief that can be used. Eye doctor today. Good news and yet not quite. A bit of an astigmatism for my little one. Now that doesn't seem bad, but anything that might make her life a bit more difficult, makes me sad. So I mourned it. Properly. For about two seconds. That's all it was worth.

My son-in-law picked up a call from me on my daughter's cell. He and I are estranged. Seriously. I was furious. As always, he was obnoxious. I had to mourn the feelings that came with talking to him. I had to mourn the fact that I didn't get to talk to my daughter. 

These are little things. But honestly, each day, if I can remember to look at a thing that has caused me a wee bit of sadness, give it its moment of mourning and grief, then I will waylay anger and fear. Those are important things to be rid of. They promote depression.

Oh - I had to mourn the fact that I won't be able to go to Dragon*Con again this year. One of my favorite authors will be there. 

I've got the Skyline Conference to go to. So that will be fun. I think I best remember also to rejoice on a daily basis. 

Life is convoluted.

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  1. It's important to give enough time to grieve over things that cause us pain; it's a very healthy thing to do -- whether the allotted time is brief or long. And no one else should decide how long our grieving should last.

    Rejoicing is even more important! I've found that if one makes a habit of it, seeing the good even in something that causes grief is easier.