Friday, August 12, 2011

Cooler Than Me Rant

Listening to Mike Posner's song the other day. Meant to blog it then, but life is not easy as of late.

It's your typical 'you think your cooler than me' stuff. But the beats fun and I really like it. I'll have to add him to my Pandora stations.

The problem was - It gave me a hideous moment - a moment where I felt that I had 'missed the boat' - again. 

I had to shake it - fast. The best part was I could. I've learned to know when to get rid of thoughts that will bring me down. Still, the intense feeling of failure that wrapped around my chest - like lightning hitting me full on - was a surprise.

Writing - boy it makes you vulnerable. 

Going to my writers group tomorrow. The group has shrunk again - it's summer - it's a ritual now. Which means it takes three months between critiques. Very hard to accept. Very hard to live with. 

I truly don't understand why people even bother - if they aren't dedicated to their writing - why join a critique group? 

No - I guess I do understand. Perhaps it's hope. Perhaps it's cool to say you're a writer. Perhaps it's looking for somewhere to belong.

I just wish I could find a critique group that is peopled with dedicated writers. 

Oh - another thing. When a writer is finally published - and they pull out of a group. I can understand that, too. Time should be used for the marketing phase. But if a group has helped you, helped you in your writing growth, wouldn't it be 'polite' to come back, once in awhile, and say, "Hey, how ya all doin?"

Life is exasperating!


  1. Desert Rose, the local chapter of Romance Writers of America, only meets once a month, and still I miss two to three meetings a year. Life happens. We're actually made up of wannabe-published and published writers. It depends on the group. So far, I'm not part of a critique group because I know my health makes my ability to participate in anything on a regular basis questionable. Good for you for letting go of the bummer thoughts.

  2. Two to three times a year for a monthly meeting sounds like a pretty good record for me! Keep it up.