Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Couldn't Sleep

Last night droned on and on. I think some of it was the excitement of writing over 3,000 words. That was fun. 

I also lay in bed wondering about the next chapter. So at 3:00 am, I'm up and writing the next chapter. Well, only a couple hundred words. But I know where it's going and that is a VERY good thing. 

I worked on the synopsis tonight, too. Still only 6-10 words per chapter, but enough to build on later, when it's needed. I didn't do this with the last book. It was a real pain trying to get the synopsis of a 90,000 word book down. I wouldn't suggest putting off your synopsis. At least, give yourself a few words for each chapter as a baseline.

I saw a comment today from a guy who wanted to hire someone to do his marketing work. I remember those days well, when I wanted the same thing. Writing is my joy, my life, my love. Why on earth would I want to spend writing time on marketing?

I don't like the marketing end - but I have learned a lot from it. Perseverance. Now, isn't that really needed to be a writer? Courage - to keep sending out my MS. I see blog after blog and article after article telling of how important courage is for a writer - for delving into the depths of my being to make my characters fuller, my scenes sharper, my plot thickening. Discipline, patience, passion. All things necessary to make a great writer. All things that I learn from marketing my works.

Marketing is a gift, as Boromir would say. If it you learn from, as Yoda would say.

Life is work and joy.

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