Saturday, August 20, 2011


Giraffe count. I've let this grow lax the last few days. 

I had two days when I saw no giraffes. My heart tried to sink, but I thought to myself: "Hm, perhaps I'm not seeing them because it's time for me to send the MS out to other publishers."

Today, I saw six - SIX! I think this might mean six houses are reading my tale. *g*

No. I've only sent it out to four. Sunday, I'll research some more houses and send it out to six more. Perhaps that will account for the six giraffes I saw today.

Yesterday, I bought this really cute one - it was a baby giraffe at a store for teachers. I also bought an otter - there's one in 'Blue' that is important. 

Pretty soon, I'll have a menagerie. LOL

Re-read Chapters 18 to 23. Going to spend tomorrow writing the rest of Chapter 23. Hoping if I give myself these deadlines, it will help.

I sent the first ten pages of 'Blue' to be critiqued at the next SCBWI conference. Got my fingers crosssed. 

Life is tiring.


  1. I'm not sure how the children's book industry works, but I'll give you the perspective of the romance industry. I've submit to Steeple Hill, last June. I haven't heard back. In my Desert Rose meeting, a couple months ago, we had an agent come speak to us and tell us to only submit to one publisher at a time. (My MS fits a very narrow market.) They talk to each other. If they know that a MS has been submitted to multiple publishers, then they figure someone else will pick it up, so won't even look at it. Again, children's books may be different. My synopsis teacher mentioned the other day that I may not hear anything for four months, maybe longer. One of my BFFs said that the longer I don't hear the better, because it means it's on someone's desk waiting to be read, rather than a form rejection, which is what I received on my first attempt. So, hang in there. If those you know in the children's book advises multiple submissions, do it! I know several writers who keep spreadsheets, like you mentioned in one of your other posts. There is always hope. :-)

  2. There are many things that we are told as truth - when, in fact, they are possibilities.

    I had always heard you send to only one. Lately, the consensus seems to be that if you send out to more than one house, you should write that on your cover letter.

    The same thing is true for unsolicited submissions. I have been told not to bother, but I received TWO responses from house where I sent my unsolicited MS.

    Go figure!