Monday, August 22, 2011

Dashed, Dashed, Dashes

My hopes of writing were dashed Saturday. I had every intention! I had my writing paraphernalia in the car - on the seat next to me. I was headed towards a nice quiet restaurant for a coffee and a piece of pie. I meant to spend a good couple hours there, writing.

I made a mistake. I called a fellow writer and friend. To invite her to sit and write with me. Always nice when a fellow writer is sitting next to me, scribbling away. Gives me impetus to keep going when I start to lag.

Instead, she invited me to her house. There were lots of people there. They were a wonderful group. Lots of stimulating talk. 

I lied to myself - said it was a good exercise in learning. Listening to other people. Seeing other sides of life. I torpedoed myself. I really did.

Sunday came and I sat around the house doing absolutely nothing. Now, I suppose I am due a small vacation, but I really wanted to write. Didn't I? 

Life is frustrating.  MIQ T&R


  1. Life happens. If you don't have the flexibility for unexpected events, it can be really stressful. If you had fun on Saturday, then simply be glad of the experience. If you didn't, then rethink for next time it happens. Jump back in. I kept trying to up my word count every day, and sabotaged myself. I had to learn it was more important to be consistent.

  2. I have learned (from experience) that sometimes, no matter how much you think you want to write, it just doesn't happen. I have a feeling it's because maybe you shouldn't be writing, and maybe you don't really want to after all. I think the body and the mind both know when a vacation is needed, and that results in that inexplicable sitting around doing nothing when you could have been writing thing that happens. Sometimes our writing is spurred on by guilt -- the idea that there is more to be done on the story and look at this block of time I have, why am I not using it for that? That works at time for getting the Muse in gear, and other times it doesn't work.

    Try not to feel bad when you don't write for no good reason. Hopefully the next chance you get to write, you'll not be able to stop yourself because that rest did you so much good you'll have ideas writing themselves before you can get out your yellow pad. ;-)