Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Trust in myself. 

It's amazing. I went to class last night and the teacher gave me back Chapters 13 and 14 of 'Blue.' 

Blessedly, wonderfully, she loved it. Hardly made a change at all. Only a few minor errors in grammar.

What was interesting to me - and this has happened before - she highlighted two areas that needed fleshing out. The reason it was interesting is that, when rereading the chapters before submitting to her, I had qualms about those very passages, but dismissed them as foolish and unnecessary to change.

My bad! I've got to learn to trust my instincts. When I read a passage or a phrase or even a WORD, and it feels funny on my tongue, or I furrow my brow in puzzlement --

Then it's time to give that a second, or even third glance. And make a change. 

I wonder if it's laziness? Or wanting to get the chapter done and over with? Or just plain fatigue?

I'm not sure - but I'm going to put another little sticky note on the edge of my computer that says - TRUST YOURSELF.

Life is worth the extra time.


  1. Sometimes when a passage or a word doesn't sit right, it's good to let it go and have someone else look at it, like you did. If they catch it, too, your suspicions are confirmed; if they don't, and your instincts still tell you something is off, go for the change. Going with your instinct is pretty safe usually -- but lately I have not been trusting my instincts as much, because sometimes what I think is instinct is really self doubt, and it's not good to rely on that!

    I'm glad you have an editor who is in tune with your writing and can catch those things your instinct tells you are off!

  2. I don't know about you, but I was taught to NOT trust myself. I'm working on overcoming that. Happy for your good news!

  3. Thanks for the last paragraph, Margaret. I didn't think on that. Perhaps she and I have grown into kindred spirits. That is a pleasant thought.


  4. Yup, Judy. Trusting myself probably means that you have a good opinion of myself, of my writing, of my worth. It's a gift to be honed, perhaps!