Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Ah dear friends. You know I am trying to learn discipline - using my blog as one of the tools to achieve it. However, I suffered a small injury on Saturday and could not write.

The Writers' Ink meeting on Saturday was about the best ever. We had three new members join (though we have no ceremony, nor fees for membership). These turned out to be dedicated writers.

Now - there is a wee bit of word maneuvering to 'label' writers. There is the professional writer; there is the author; there is the writer. I've not seen anything that can justify titles to make a person look better. I suppose sometimes titles are necessary.

But I really like 'dedicated' writer. I believe I am one. I have discovered I have a need to have dedicated writers in my circle of support/friends. 

The boon of these three women, and their enthusiasm, their sharing without fear, and their general congeniality made the meeting one of the best ever.

Life is powerful.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the injury! But glad you have a good group with whom to work.