Sunday, August 28, 2011

Skyline Conference 2011

A few tidbits from Saturdays Skyline Writers’ Conference.

She gave a talk on how to write for teens. She asked two questions that I thought were appropriate for any genre or age group. Why do I need to write this story? And – Would I read (or have read it when I was ___ old)? She spoke of a lot of other things, too. I was most impressed by her sharing and learned a lot. I heard many other participants voice the same opinion.

She taught us how to take a broad idea and hone it down to something that will definitely sell. She had us laughing and learning. Great exercises during her talk.

Joy spoke on writers’ wellness. It was a great topic that I was really looking forward to hearing. She didn’t disappoint. She made us go through a few simple, non-stressful yoga exercises. And then had us throw around a ball. Great thing for right after lunch. But her talk alone was quite good. Going to contact her soon to further my education in writing in a healthy state.

Lisa usually has her sister/friend/kindred spirit (Laura) along with her. She held her own. In fact, I’ve placed her on my ‘Best Speakers’ list at the bottom of my blog page.

Her talk was on networking, but she brought such enthusiasm for writing that the room lit up. It was quite an experience, listening to her. She was bombarded with questions after her talk and answered them all with humor and grace. A boundless, loving woman. It was a delight hearing her. Lisa’s talk ended the conference. And what a great speaker to end with.

I truly believe this was one of the best conferences I’ve been to. Besides the great speakers, the people of Skyline were charming, the attendees enthusiastic and focused, and the food was very good.

Life is a box of chocolates.

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