Saturday, August 27, 2011


Great conference today. The speakers were great,too. 

I've decided I want to keep them in my mind - in case I see them speaking somewhere else. That way, I can go and see them.

So - I tried to add a thingee to my front page - listing the best speakers IMHO - they don't show up. They show up in my design page, but not on the blog itself. I seem to have lost my followers, too. Though I know they are still there. I can't see them. Yesterday, I lost all the blogs I was following. After a couple hours, they came back.

Hmmm - I really do love this blog site. I hope the 'problems' resolve themselves. I'd hate to have to move to another blog site. My profile is 'missing in action' too. Odd.

Life is perplexing.


  1. The vagaries of the internet. Your followers weren't there when I looked at your blog, but they're there as I type my comment. It's Blogger, not you. I had my follower appearing and disappearing at both my blogs. Hang in there. So glad you had a wonderful conference!

    And when I went to actually post, your followers disappeared again. It happens. It'll clear up, though you might want to make sure you have a copy of what you've posted. I lost a day once and all the comments for a few days.

  2. Thanks! I sent off a remark in the help section. they don't seem to care - one way or the other. There does not seem to be anyway to 'really' contact them. Thankfully, my posts are ok. But it is odd.