Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I have a dear friend who moved to New Zealand in the hopes of a new life. She is enjoying herself immensely. She watched for signs constantly before she moved from the USA. And received them.

Tonight, I watched an old movie 'Fly Away Home' about some geese in Canada, brought up by a 14-year old, who helped them to migrate to North Carolina for the winter. An unprecedented event. 

I see this, and the movie from last night, 'Secretariat,' as signs for me. I'm claiming them. 

I have dreamt dreams before. I play guitar and have written a truckload of songs. A couple have been published, and more importantly, sung around the world. I gave the two songs away to the ministry that helped me grow as a young woman. So I receive no royalties, but I get a heck of a bang, now and again, when I think their are people out there singing my songs.

I've done acting too. Had hoped for a career in that. I'm decent at it, but not enough to quite the day job, so to speak.

This writing thing has been in my gut and my soul for a long time. First with the songs, and now with tales. I don't want it to end in failure. I'm tired of failure. 

So I'm taking the signs of these two movies whose explicit message was the underdog can win. The person with tenacity and passion can have their dreams come true.

I've been wishy-washy up 'til now. Not any more. Remind me of that, dear friends, when I forget.

Just being alive is a success. Life is wonderful.