Thursday, July 28, 2011

Conferences 2011

There are a truckload of conferences coming up from August on. Some overlap, which is a real shame. There are conferences in Ohio - Peninsula, Columbus, Newark, Cincinnati, Hamilton - the list goes on.

I have now been to three major ones. Believe me, I learn something new every time. Even one little thing is worth so much in the writing business. The SCBWI ones are the best - but my little group, Skyline, has a nice one on August 27th in Peninsula.
I've not been 100% pleased with the conferences I've attended, but each one has had something important to teach me.

I urge you to take in a conference. If you're strapped for money, who isn't, then find one close that you don't have to stay over. 

Make sure you bring an MS if they are allowed. Take the plunge. Push yourself. It hurts, but how can you hone your craft without a wee bit of pain. 

Life is learning.

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