Saturday, July 23, 2011


Met with a writer friend for coffee last night. Had a great few hours talking about where we both are with our writing, what helps us to write, the BIG things that can hamper our writing (fear especially and learning discipline and perseverance), and how much having friends to talk to helps. 

The little Writers' Ink group is like an AA group for the both of us. We giggle through the meetings as we share the pain of writing. And the joy. Seems to me writing is a double-edged sword. There is incredible joy, but incredible suffering. If I let it get to me. That's where friends come in. Either on-line or by phone or in person. Nothing better.

I don't know if I've become more open and therefore more appealing to folks - but I am finding more people to share with and have fun with. I think I will try to stop being a 'solitary' writer. More fun in the sharing. 

My friend suggested a title for the sequel to "Sorrysorrysorry." "Worryworryworry." I was so grateful. I'd been thinking about a sequel for my three little giraffes. They definitely deserve a little more print time. The title "Worryworryworry" opens up some real possibilities for my dear creations. I can just see them.

Today I've worked on "The Dentist and The Whale." Changed the whole beginning, but it works. Better! My little four-year old helped. She is a great sounding board.I definitely think my first draft is done. Will sit on it for a few days. Next week sometime, I'll re-read it, work on revising, and send it to my editor. We meet in a month. That gives me plenty of time to hone it.

I did edit "Blue." Will work on Chapter 18 tonight. Huge thunderstorm. Killing off a character.

Life is fun!

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