Friday, July 15, 2011

Other Blogs

I follow about twelve blogs. Two are family-related. The rest are writing-related. I know I'll be adding more.

I've been so busy with the book and the editing and such that I haven't taken the time to go out there in the cyber world and read other blogs. 

A mistake.

The good blogs are uplifting. They show me that I'm not alone in my struggles. The ones by published authors are usually quite kind.

So now I reflect on the sharing about writing, submitting, agents, publishers, etc. Not many 'fall into' a contract. Most writers attest to the fact that they slog through book after book, submission after submission (even with an agent), rejection after rejection.

Reading these blogs as a tool to keep me focused and positive is the best part about them.

Bless all those who continue to share, even after they've 'scored' big with a contract or two or twenty.

Life is enveloping.

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