Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The little one had pony camp today. Two hours. It was great. I got to spend that time writing - while waving flies away. They seem to like stables and horses and such. They bite. The flies that is, not the horses. Well, horses bite too but not often.

Spent the time on 'Blue' - though I did give a cursory glance at the giraffe tale and the dentist tale. I've vowed to stay away from them for a bit. Give myself a breather. Wait to hear from the publishing houses I've sent giraffes off to.

'Blue' went extremely well, considering I hadn't a clue what was next. I did know there was a storm brewing and that a character was going to get killed off. Aside from that, I was treading water.

Once I've finished something like this, I feel pretty good. It's great to 'see' the Muse working. 

Won't be able to spend much time, the next few days, on writing. Got to work on press releases for a conference one of my writers' groups is giving at the end of August. 

Life is never dull.

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  1. That's funny! Yes, those flies have nasty bites! Hope all goes well, and you're back to writing soon, though breaks can be good for sorting things out.