Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pure Unadulterated Writing

I had no family obligations 'til this afternoon (Saturday). So I went to my local restaurant and read over the last couple chapters of 'Blue.' The waitress there now knows me and exhorts me on. Today she told me about the founder of KFC and how it took him almost 100 tries to get a bank to bankroll him. Now, I don't know it that is true or not - these 99 things seem to crop up all over the place.

The important thing is - she was seriously supporting me. Someone I hardly know. Bless her and all those like her.

I came home and wrote for about two hours. The next chapter is still not complete. I think it's Chapter 18. However, I got a lot accomplished. The chapter's complicated and it's got to be right. Storms, deaths, jealousy, treachery.... these are not easy things for my poor hero/heroine to live through. Even with the help of her dragon!

Life is complicated.

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  1. Encouragement can go a long way. And thanks for mentioning the Colonel. I did a little research, and what a remarkable man. I don't think the bankroll was an issue. He did take $105 from his SS to find a new restaurant when his was bypassed by the new I-75.

    I do know quite a few published authors, and though there are a few exceptions, most have a stack of rejection letters. Hang in there. (And I'm trying to take my own advice as I wait to hear back on my MS.)