Friday, July 29, 2011


It's taking its toll. I have not been sleeping well of late. I'm sure having my MS out there in the publishing world has much to do with it. I wonder what it would feel like, to be like J.K. Rowling after the 2nd book. Knowing you've got the next and the next and the next sold. Nice.

I've decided this is all part of the process. And of the growing process. Like pruning trees. Good grief, I'd just enjoy a quick yes and then another and another.

Well, signing up for the SCBWI conference here in Cleveland. Working on the Skyline Conference. Trying to put giraffes and dentist in the background. Writing 'Blue.'

The little one told someone at the library today that her Ammie falls asleep sometimes. I rolled on the floor. Sweet thing. She's obviously not too happy with me not playing dolls all the time anymore. 

Going to bed early doesn't seem to make a twit of difference either. Naps during the day are too short. 

I'll get through this. I always do.

Life is exhausting.


  1. Do something restful and not for (immediate) publishing tonight. If you feel like writing, work on Blue -- that seems to encourage you. Or watch a happy movie. Do something that's for you that doesn't involve other people's expectations. ;-)

    Praying you can rest well tonight!

  2. I'm with Margaret on this one. I'd planned to do some writing of my own, but was stuck all day. I finally figured it out; it was a continuity problem. I think it's worked out now, but I simply don't want to look at the manuscript anymore.

    Waiting for a reply is sooooo wearing. Hang in there. Some of my writing friends have said that it does NOT get any easier once you're published, because you're only as good as your last book.