Thursday, June 30, 2011

Well Worth The Effort

You know I've been struggling over the giraffe tale. Such a little thing.

Today my daughter finally got to read the four thousandth draft. She loved it. Nearly jumped up and down. Said all the places she thought it lagged had been successfully changed to great action. The flavor is now back to the original. (not sure if that was chocolate or strawberry)

There is only one part - pretty by itself - that both of us wondered at. That means it must be changed... but that is feasible.

Will not be able to work on it tonight. There's a 4th festival nearby and I'm taking the little one.
Tomorrow - while she's swimming - I'll work on that last little part and then send it off to my editor.

THEN - the final touches on the cover letter and off to some publishing houses.

Life is grand.


  1. Excellent! It really does help to show our things to other people. Often enough they'll confirm something we already wondered about, or even catch things we don't see -- but also we need that confirmation from their joy that says yes, this really is as good as I think it is!

  2. Do have fun at the festival! Good for you for enjoying the moment! And I'm hoping for the best for you!!