Monday, June 27, 2011

Letting Go

I don't know if publishers realize that authors are subcreators. Tolkien used that term when speaking of created fantasy worlds. I think it goes further than that. 

To me, it means that I accept the gift of writing (what one could call the Muse). I accept it and develop it, much like a mother's body does her child.

How, then, can I 'let it go?'

And yet, that is the norm. What 'they' say to do. Write your story, tale, poem, adventure, thing, submit it, and then go on to the next 'bit.'

Doesn't seem logical, does it? 

Yet - in the end we do have to 'let go' of our children so they can grow and become adults.

Perhaps the time frame is my problem. With children, you get a long time before you must let them go. You also get a lot of 'little' let them go moments in their lives. Kindergarten, dating, college. You have the time to get accustomed to letting go. You get 'trial runs.'

I think that might be the first lesson that an author should learn. Letting go in increments. Ah - critique groups fill that. Having an editor does the same.

Ok - I can handle that. Along with coaching. Can't forget that my editor is my coach.

Life is letting go.

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  1. I didn't have a critique group, but I did enter my MS in a contest. It was horrible! I couldn't bear to look at the critique, for a month! Then I was heartbroken by the criticism. A year later, I looked at it again, and realized they were right! It wasn't nearly as difficult turning it over to my mentors. Practice.