Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mind Blowing Day

I'll try to be coherent, but I am so filled with blessings, I can hardly think straight.

As I said awhile back, our little Writers' Ink group met last month and discussed how we might have put ourselves last. It was a mind-boggling and very enlightening discussion. (see Saturday, May 7th, blog)

This month, I almost missed the meeting by putting family first - a graduation. Now I'm not saying putting family first is wrong, it just isn't a positive thing. I've got to put myself first if I'm ever to be there for my family.

So - I squish time and decide to arrive late at the party so that I can have at least an hour with the group. My gosh, I was so very glad that I did.

We discussed critiquing. I was telling the members how I had to learn to accept critiquing. Ruth suggested that critiquing is really coaching. Now, I can understand that. And I can accept that. What a great way of looking at 'good' critiquing. Of course, there will always be bad coaches, just as their are bad critiquers.  

I can accept coaching. A paradigm shift. Don't call it critiquing. Call it coaching. To me this is a real breakthrough. I know it's only words - but as a writer, I know the power of words. IF coaching makes it easier... no, more productive for me to accept, than I'm going to accept coaching. Another thing to remember. Thanks, Ruth. 

Our fearless leader, Cheryl, is truly bringing out the best in us, discussion-wise. She had put another 'saying' on the board, but we were so busy with the critiquing discussion that we totally blew it off. She's magnanimous enough not to care. 

I'll write more. It was a grand and glorious session - even if I only could 'take' an hour.

Life is awesome.

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  1. I'm glad you were able to grab that hour. It sounds like God packed in exactly what you needed. :-)