Monday, June 20, 2011

Character Names

Honestly, I wrote a bit of the latest chapter but then ran into the snags we all do at times. 

Character names! I've got four boys who are squires and they must have knights - so - four more names. Love it! Not really. 

Fantasy demands different names than 'normal' writers, I think. I create a world and the names can't be Joe or Fred or Jane. They've got to have a tinge of 'fantasy' to them. Also, when I'm creating a world that has at least four different countries, that means that the folk coming from each country should be different. And also the same. Different than the other three countries and yet all the same 'type' in the same country. I hope that makes sense. 

I tell you what - if there is a country named Curry, and that name's roots come from Ireland, then the folks who live in Curry should have names that are Gaelic or Irish. And so on down the list of characters.

It's a challenge, but it's necessary. It's important. 

I succeeded, I think. I had to put the names down on a separate sheet, their country of origin, and all the folks who live in that country - trying to keep things straight. But well worth it. They flow better. If my readers are sharp, and I think they are, they'll figure it out. Delight in the symmetry of it.

Life is complicatedly fun.

BTW - I've got a new follower. Thank you, JPA.


  1. I HATE FIGURING OUT NAMES!!! I write Regency, which means I have to stick to names suitable to the time and place. I think that's a really good idea, to map it out. I'm trying to learn to do that more often. I've noticed that a lot of the stuff I do like that isn't for the reader; it's to keep me in line. LOL!

  2. What's Regency,precious?

    I started documenting lots of things FOR ME when I was writing my epic tale. I find now, it was good discipline for further writing.

    Also, keeping this blog on a most-of-the-time daily basis is teaching me discipline, too. I need it.

    Bless you for your post!

  3. Names are really important -- I think if you get the right name, then the characters are willing to "talk" to you and it makes the writing of them much easier. ;-)

    Regency =

  4. Oh - overlaps with Sharpe does it??? *g*

  5. Late to the party! Thanks, Margaret, for posting that link. Sharpe? LOL!!