Saturday, June 18, 2011

Who Would've Thunk It

If I'd known yesterday what I was going to be about today, I'd have saved myself the head-beating. *g*

Stayed up way too late last night watching a Sean Bean movie that I'd never heard of, "Windprints." Features a pretty young Sean Bean. It was good.

But that meant that I got a late start today. I went to hear a SciFi speaker at my local library. S. Andrew Swann. He was quite good. Spoke of plot development and such. You can never hear these tips enough.

When I go to these things, besides getting some valuable information, I also find I 'zone out' and the Muse starts to speak. It's only for seconds, but the Muse immediately puts into action what I'm learning from the speaker. It's interesting!

After that, I had a quick bite and read 'Blue' again. My daughter loved the story (she did finish it), but chided me for not finishing it myself. Said she wants more. Unfortunately, she did not like the last written chapter. Said it was too quick of a transition.

She is correct, of course. When I read it again, I discovered that in my need to 'push' the book along, I was short-changing my characters. 

As I listened to the speaker, the solution to the dilemma exploded in my mind. Whoo hoo! On to the next chapter. I'll be able to 'save' some of the stuff I'd already written by putting it in a different context. 

Life is good.

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  1. Absolutely love those flashes of inspiration!