Saturday, June 25, 2011

Time Consuming

I truly cannot believe how long it takes to write a simple little children's picture book. I will never pick one up again without thinking of the sweat and tears that probably went into writing it!

I don't have trouble with drabbles. I just write until the thought is complete and then go back and delete or add words to make it the 100 words that a drabble is supposed to be. I've always liked drabbles. *moans*

I went through all the rhyming words. It's taking days. I think I've got it down now. I will take it to my daughter tomorrow and see what she thinks. She has become an amazing asset in this process.

After I get her approval, I'll send it off to my editor. If it comes back with no RED marks (whoo hoo), then I'll send it off to publishers.

A friend is meeting with me tomorrow to discuss how to find out who to send it to. If you remember, in an earlier post of mine I was going quite mad trying to find who to send the MS to at a publishing house.

Life is going great guns!

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