Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fun Contiinues

Continued from yesterday...

After my writers' group, I remembered there was a festival at BayArts. I was late for it, but better late than never. It was great. They had vendors. The two art galleries were open. There was a band.

Uzizi - never heard of them before, but they play a mean gig. Their stuff is based on 18th century sacred harp music. Really. With a huge portion of hard rock 'n roll. They've got electric guitars, drums, harp, violin, mandolin, and a choir. YUP - a real choir. It is strange, unusual, but toe-tappingly great. If you happen to see them around, stop and listen. BTW - they have no website so I put their FB link here. Not much info. They must not update it.

Also, Nancy Christie put up an interview with Neil Tepper on her blog. He wrote, "Prescriptions for Living a Creative Life."  It's about courage and writing. You know I firmly believe in that. The main crux was this. If you work harder you will produce less. His studies indicate we might be better taking a 'day off' from writing and the Muse then might not hide.

Well, yesterday was my day off. And it payed off. Today I wrote quite a bit of the next chapter of 'Blue.' Saved the stuff from the cutting floor for later on and used the idea I got whilst listening to S. Andrew Swann to take the chapter to a new and hightened tension.

Whoo hoo!

BTW - If you haven't seen the 'elevator pitch' on Nicola Morgan's blog - you must watch it. Covers all the do's and don't's in under four minutes.

Sorry - A long-winded blog today, but 

Life is fun!

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  1. Today is my day off. It's my first since I started my new writing schedule. We'll see how I do.